Beyond Good and Evil

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Official Overview

For centuries, the planet Hillys has been bombarded by a relentless alien race. Sceptical of her government's inability to repel the invaders, a rebellious action reporter named Jade sets out to capture the truth. Armed with her camera, dai-jo staff and fierce determination, she discovers shocking evidence leading to a horrific government conspiracy and is forced to battle an evil she cannot possibly fathom.

Join the Rebellion as action reporter Jade, join an underground resistance group and expose your government's secrets using stealth, force and wits. Stop at nothing until your people know the truth. Expose the Conspiracy. Enter a futuristic world full of deception, where nothing is as it seems and exposing the truth is the only hope of restoring freedom.

Release Information


  • Manual
  • Artworks (11)
  • HD Wallpapers (Two Wallpapers each in of four resolutions: 1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1600x1200, 1280x1024)

Patches and Modifications

Official Patches

Unofficial Patches


Known Issues

Visual Glitches/Anomalies,

If you experience visual glitches like screen flicker or other visual anomalies, here are a couple of things you can try[1]:

  • In the Advanced Settings Tab of the Settings App (settingsapplication.exe) in the Compatibility Box make sure HW Vertex Processing is checked along all other options except for W buffer.
  • In your Graphics Card's Control Panel set the Antialiasing level for the game (add the bge.exe) to the lowest possible (e.g. 2x).
    • For Nvidia users: From your Control Panel summon the Nvidia Control Center. Under 3D Settings look for Manage 3D Settings and select the Program Settings Tab. Add your application (bge.exe) then change the Antialiasing-Mode to Override any application setting. All you have to do now is choosing Antialiasing-Setting 2x and Apply the changes.
  • Start the game directly from the executable (bge.exe) instead of using the shortcut. GOG includes a wrapper that supposedly helps fixing certain sync issues ingame, starting the game directly will disable this wrapper.
  • Disable the following compatibility options:
HW Vertex Processing
Multi Vertex Stream
Autogen Mipmap
  • Keep the following compatibility options enabled:
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  • Forcing Antialiasing won't affect the actual AA level ingame but it can help reduce or even prevent visual glitches.
  • Switching HW Vertex Processing off might help but the performance will suffer greatly.

Too Fast Cutscenes

Can be fixed by forcing Vsync in your Graphics Card's Control Panel.

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Sale History

Price Discount Promo Date(s) [Y/M/D] Notes
$3.99 60% Unbelievable Ubi 2014/05/02 - 2014/05/05